Exhibition Ethereal, FFF Academy, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
October 3, 2019 - January 12, 2020

Along with other Norwegian visual artists, Dag Alveng will be collaborating in the show “Ethereal”.
Showcasing Norwegian photographic-based art, in Frankfurt Germany.

Exhibition Denne tiden av året / This Time of Year, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal
June 22 - August 18, 2019

Dag Alveng will be presenting a collection of his previous work, in Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal.

Article in Fædrelandsvennen: https://www.fvn.no/kultur/i/dOrbpJ/Dag-Alveng-utstilling-pa-Bomuldsfabrikken--Den-fanger-selve-sommeren

Installation shots by Alf Georg Dannevig.

Exhibition Tid som står stille / Still Time, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
February 8 - May 6, 2018

A retrospective exhibition of selected photographs of Dag Alveng and his latest project on chess. The selection is from his major photographic series, but also includes projects that are now shown for the first time. 
As part of the exhibition, Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura played an unofficial world championship tournament in Fischer Random chess, initiated by Alveng and chess player Atle Grønn. The tournament was held in the chess-section of the exhibition, surrounded by the artist’s photographs of the graves of chess masters. The five-day event was broadcasted live on NRK, ending in Magnus Carlsen winning the title of unofficial world champion.

Foto: Øystein Thorvaldsen / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

Further readings:
Article in Fotografi: http://www.fotografi.no/arkiv/dag-alveng-pa-henie-onstad-kunstsenter
Article in D2: https://www.dn.no/d2/2018/01/31/1100/Fotografi/inviterer-verdens-beste-sjakkspillere-til-fotoutstilling
Article in Aftenposten: https://www.aftenposten.no/kultur/i/xR8mB8/Finn-Skarderud-i-samtale-med-Dag-Alveng-den-lekende-fotografen
Article by Atle Grønn: http://www.frchess.com/2018/01/25/are-we-ready-for-fischer/

Anniversary Exhibition, Galleri Brandstrup 30 years
August 24 - Octobre 1, 2017
Works by Marina Abramović, Diana Al Hadid, Dag Alveng, Sverre Bjertnæs, Håkon Bleken, Bjørn Båsen, Øystein Dahlstrøm, Dolk, Lars Elling, Erik A. Frandsen, Christer Glein,
Kjell Erik Killi Olsen, Per Kleiva, Ola Kolehmainen, Joseph Kosuth, Michael Kvium, Christian Lemmerz, Thomas Lerooy, Lotte Konow Lund, Per Maning, Trine Lise Nedreaas,
Camille Norment, Michael O’Donnell, Fredrik Raddum, Inger Sitter and Ane Djuvan Winnje.

Article "Dag Alveng: A New Perception From Everyday Life" in Chinese photography magazine
Click here for pdf.

Participating in "The Photography Show 2017, presented by AIPAD" at Pier 94, New York
29 March 2017 – 2 April 2017
One of the world's most prestigious annual photography events, the newly expanded Show, organized by the
Association of International Photography Art Dealers, will present exceptional photography from early masters,
modern luminaries, and emerging and established contemporary artists from more than 115 of the world's leading fine art galleries.


Group exhibition "LUCIA" at Blomqvist Kunsthandel 23 March 2017 – 6 April 2017

Group exhibition "SNAP" at the Museum of Contemporary Art 17 February 2017 – 3 September 2017
Documentary and portrait photography from the collection

DNB focuses on photographic art

Exhibition "Wilse - The Humanist and His Lab" A selection of photographs
18.06.2016 - 21.09.2016 Gallery F15
Address: Alby gård, Bjørn Bjørnstadsvei, 1519 Jeløy, Moss

Our movie "Days that follow each other" (En hel uke i Holmestrand) made it to the official selection
of the "Nordic International Film Festival", New York. 
October 31st – November 1st 2015
Directed by Odd Einar Ingebretsen
Screenplay: Per Schreiner
Cinematography: Dag Alveng
Editing: Kirsti Marie Hougen
Cast: Kim Nilsen, Nina Tollefsen, Svein Tore Jensen. 
Further information: http://www.nordicfilmfest.org/

Exhibition "Wilse - The Humanist and His Lab" 
09.09.2015 - 23.09.2015 Solbergfoss Power Plant
Address: Solbergfoss Kraftverk. Askim kommune, 1814, Østfold 

Article "Akkurat den sensommeren" in serie «Kunstverk» Aftenposten

Participating in the show "Land meets Water" at Artipelag, Stockholm 29 May - 27 September 2015
Land Meets Water – European and American Photography from 1860 to the Present extends a series of exhibitions
that Artipelag has devoted to nature and its image in art. This time photography takes centre stage,
and the unifying theme is the elemental encounter of land and water, undisturbed by the presence of man.

Group exhibition “Naken?” at Bølgen Kulturhus, Larvik
Together with Morten Andersen, Erlend Larsen, Massimo Leardini, J. H. Lynch, Pushwagner, Mick Rock, Tom Sandberg, Rocky Schenck, Keiichi Tanaami, Emanuel Vigeland, Jan Walaker and Isabel Watson. 

Solo Exhibition “Wilse - The Humanist and His Lab” at Gallery Brandstrup 04 - 28 June 2015
Related links:http://www.brandstrup.no/exhibitions/wilse-the-humanist-and-his-lab
Article in Aftenposten:
Interview regarding exhibition: http://ofksfoto.no/2015/06/03/alvengs-hagemeditasjoner/
Teaser for the exhibition made by Øystein Grønvold: 


The Exhibition

Solo exhibition and book launch at Norwegian National Library 04.06.2015  
Book launched by and available at Oktober Forlag: http://www.oktober.no/Boeker/Sakboeker/Wilse
Further readings: a 

Nordic Black&White, Gallery Shoot 19 March - 18 April 2015
The exhibition focuses on the magic that happens in the darkroom and is comprised of approximately fifty works including handmade prints by artists as wide ranging as Dag Alveng, Tom Sandberg, Dawid, Pentti Sammallahti and Ragnar Axelsson, as well as rare prints by Kåre Kivijärvi and experimental works by the less known Danish photographer Keld Helmer-Petersen. 
Exhibition site and video: http://www.shootgallery.no/exhibitions/nordic-bw 
Article in Aftenposten:

Shoots included in book “Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography”, by William A. Ewing
An eloquent global survey of contemporary landscape photography as seen through the eyes of the leading
photographers of today. Together with Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andreas Gursky and others. 

Concert "Messe for blåhvalen"
Dag Alveng in collaboration with Sinikka Langeland have created a unique show honouring the blue whale. 
TV: http://tv.nrk.no/serie/distriktsnyheter-oestafjells/dkte99062414/24-06-2014#t=6m48s
Radio: http://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-buskerud/DKBU02012514/24-06-2014#t=1h44m26s


New commissions

Smidsrød helsehus:


Norsk tillitsmann:




Moments from the Exhibition "Sommerlys 1979 - 2012":

Solo show "Sommerlys 1979 - 2012" opens at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum the 23rd of March at 14.00
Opening hours: tuesday to friday from 11.00 to 16.00. Saturday and sunday 12.00 to 17.00. The show is open until the 20th of May. Here is a map.

New Nordic: Architecture and Identity to Washington
The exhibition New Nordic: Architecture and Identity is going to the Kennedy center.

Dag Alveng was interviewed by Kult magazine
click here for pdf

Summerlight Exhibition at Haugar Museum, Tønsberg, March 2013
Dag Alveng is going to exhibit new and old works from his series Summerlight at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum in March. More info coming soon

An entire week in Holmestrand July 2012
Dag Alveng as the director of photography has finished shooting the first part of the movie "An entire week in Holmestrand". It is written by Per Schreiner, directed by Odd Einar Ingebretsen and produced by Kirsti Marie Hougen.

In the movie we meet three different people in a quiet small town - Holmestrand. Their life and lifestories are presented to us in almost documentary and tableu like interviews and observations and the characters get to talk directly into the camera. Mutual for all of them is that their life is at a standstill and they are frozen in their everyday life. Time is central in the three stories that are presented: Future, or the lack of future, in the quiet smalltown life.

More information about the movie can be found here.

Norwegian Prime Minsters office June 2012
Dag Alveng has been chosen to decorate the Norwegian Prime Ministers office. The pictures that are used is printed on aluminum and are from the summer light series, that you can find here.

Exhibition at Louisiana June 2012
Dag Alveng is currently included in the exhibition New Nordic at Louisiana in Copenhagen. 
You can find a link about the exhibition and museum here.



Heinisch wins gold medal in Gullsnitt March 2012
Damian Heinisch wins gold medal in the Gullsnitt-competition with a photo of a ready-made from Dag Alvengs exibition in Drammen. 

Tønsberg Blad Article March 2012
Dag Alveng is interviewed by Tønsberg Blad. Click here for PDF.

Vi Menn Article March 2012
Vi Menn features Dag Alveng in an article on racing. Click here for PDF.

Solo show "Racing" opens in Drammen Museum on the 23rd of February at 19.00
Opening hours: monday to friday from 11.00 to 15.00. Thursday 11.00 to 20.00. Saturday to sunday 11.00 to 17.00. The show is open until the 3rd of June. Here is a map.

Solo show "Racing / Eat My Dust" opens in Galleri Brandstrup 9th of February at 19.00
Opening hours: tuesday to friday from 12.00 to 17.00. Saturday to sunday from 12.00 to 16.00. The show is open until the 4th of March. Here is a map.

An Entire Week in Holmestrand recieves grant December 2011
The short film project "An Entire Week in Holmestrand" receives a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute. Dag Alveng is the director of photography on this project. Click here for a Norwegian article.

CD-cover on ECM for Sinikka Langeland
New CD-cover by Dag Alveng.

Dag Alveng interviewed by Per Maning

Dag Alveng on "Nasjonalgalleriet" NRK February 2012
Dag Alveng is featured in the program "Nasjonalgalleriet" on NRK. See the program here.

The Fish and the Sea to Signes de Nuit - Paris September 2011
The short film "The Fish and the Sea", where Dag Alveng is the director of photography, is to be screened at the international short film festival in Paris in October. Click here for the festival‘s pages.

Dag Alveng Performance September 2011
In conjunction with his latest project Eat My Dust there will be a performance by Dag Alveng at Rudskogen Motorsenter, Saturday October 1st. Click here for map

Dag Alveng is part of an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The exhibition comprises about 65 photographs, drawn primarily from the permanent collection. The subjects include well-known photographers Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, André Kertész, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eadweard Muybridge, Cindy Sherman, Edward Steichen, and Edward Weston. Also included are the contemporary photographers Dag Alveng, Peter Beard, Vance Gellert, Arno Minkkinen, and Jan Saudek. 

Dag Alveng is part of an exhibition at the Norwegian National Museum of Photography
The exhitibion also includes works from Dan Young, Lars Tunbjörk, W. Eugene Smith, Sebastião Salgado, Milton Rogovin, Jacob August Riis, Elisabeth Meyer, Lewis Wickes Hine, Rune Eraker and Ann Christine Eek. The show is open from the 19th of June until the 15th of January. 

Solo show "The Meaning of Place" opens in Drøbak 4th of June at 13.00
Opening hours: thursday to sunday from 12.00 to 16.00. The show is open until the 26th of June. Here is a map. While you wait for the show you can look at this. 

Foto Interview May 2011
Dag Alveng is featured with an interview in the latest copy of the Swedish magazine "Foto". Click here for the interview.

The Fish and the Sea to Norwegian Short Film Festival May 2011
The short film "The Fish and the Sea", where Dag Alveng is the director of photography, is to be featured at the international short film festival in Grimstad in June. Click here for the festival‘s pages.

Dag Alveng is featured in an architectural proposal Januray 2011
Architects Schelderup Trondahl made this proposal for Living Architecture, using Alveng´s photographs inside and outside the house; POETRY MAKES NOTHING HAPPEN. View two versions of the exterior here and here.

The results of Dag Alveng's art project EAT MY DUST October 2010
The project EAT MY DUST won the entire race. View the full results here.

Dag Alveng is part of an exhibition at The New York Library October 2010
"Thirty Years of Photography" features three photographs by Dag Alveng. The exhibition also features work by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus and many more. Read about it here

Dag Alveng mentioned in The Wallstreet Journal September 2010
Read it here

Video from Dag Alveng's art project: EAT MY DUST
Watch the video from inside the car of Dag Alveng's "Stationwagon from Hell" during the first part of the race. Watch it here.

Master´s thesis on Dag Alveng Summer 2010
Monica Holmen has written her master´s thesis on Dag Alveng. "An investigation on Dag Alveng´s New York-series, in perspective of american street photography." Read it here.

Group show at Allan Klotz Gallery Summer 2010
Dag Alveng is participating in a group show at the Allan Klotz Gallery in Chelsea, New York. 

Summer show in New York July 2010
The New Yorker has written an article on the exhibition Children Of Summer, featuring among others Dag Alveng, Helen Levitt and Luis Faurer. View the article here.

Dag Alveng talks about his new series "Meaning of Place"April 2010
See the interview here

Dag Alvengs "Asylum" in auction at Christie´s May 21th 2010
A first edition copy of Dag Alvengsvery first book "Asylum" will be auctioned at Christie´s. Estimated price is $ 760 - 1,200. Robert Frank, Sugimoto, Dorothea Lange and Richard Prince are some of the photographers represented in this exclusive auction.

Dag Alveng participates in the 5th Nordic Light International Festival of Photography.
The festival takes place in Kristiansund, Norway from April 27 to May 1 2010. Dag contributes with the new series "Meaning of Place". 
"It will be an unique event packed with inspiring and up-close encounters with photographers, authors and artists" according to photographer and artistic director Morten Krogvold. Other participating artists inculde; Anton Corbijn, Elliot Erwitt, Marc Riboud and more. See the programe here.

CD-covers on ECM
Two new CD-covers by Dag Alveng.

Tønsberg Blad on Dag Alveng February 2010
Article in Tønsberg blad about Dag Alveng´s work at his farm in Holmestrand. Text by Espen Gleditsch. Read the article here.

Dag Alveng webshop
It is now possible to buy books in the webshop. "Layers of Light", "Summerlight" and an original silver-copy of "Rock and Ocean" in limited edition at http://shop.alveng.com

Alveng solo exhibition in Brazil draws attention in media
See the video here.

Visual Arts Biennial in Curitiba August - October 2009
Together with artists like Bruce Nauman and Marina Abramowitc, Dag participates in the 5th Latin-American Visual Arts Biennial - VentoSul. The biennial happens in Curitriba from August to October 2009 with the title 'Large Water: Maps Altered'. Artists from different parts of the world follow guidelines of questions raised about two important issues of our time: water and maps.

Interview with Alveng on Brazilian television
Dag was interviewed by Brazilian TV about his solo show which has been traveling in Brasil since April. See the interview.

Performance: Alveng Art Project

Alveng Art Project Team win race. Driver Øyvind Hansen is 24 sec ahead of next car!  See the results  here .

Alveng Art Project Team win race. Driver Øyvind Hansen is 24 sec ahead of next car!
See the results here.

Fall Review Sept 12 - Dec 19 2009
Group show at Deborah Bell in New York.

"Lessons in the art of falling" Sept 12 2009 – Jan 3 2010
Dag Alveng participates in a group show at Preus Museum where photographs of norwegian performance and process art from 1966-2009 is exhibited. During the early 1980s Alveng worked with a group of artists, Det poetiske teater (The Poetical Theatre.) This group wanted to create alternatives to the established and stagnant cultural institutions. In 1981 they presented a work at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo where they made a spatial installation, and then, during the two-week exhibition period, it was dismantled to be replaced by Alvengs photographs. 

Success in Santos – exhibition travelling Curitiba Biennal July 2009
The opening of Alveng’s exhibition on June 29th in Santos was a huge success, with three TV-channels to cover the event. About 500 people were present, including the Mayor of Santos. The exhibition will soon be moving on to the 5th Bienal VentoSul in Curitiba, where it will open on the 8th of August. 

Alveng in Brazilian celebrity magazine June 2009
In relation to his Sao Paulo exhibition, Dag Alveng was photographed by a Brazilian celebrity magazine. See the photo of Alveng with the Norwegian ambassador in Brazil, Turid Eusébio, and the Consul General of Norway, Jens Olesen, here.

Sao Paulo show traveling to Santos June 2009
Dag Alveng´s retrospective solo exhibition in Sao Paulo is moving on to Benedito Calixto Museum in Santos, Brazil. It will be shown June 9th to July 5th 2009.

Asylum book sold at Christie´s May 2009
At the price of £875 (9000 NOK) a first edition of Dag Alveng´s book “Asylum” was recently sold at Christie´s auction house in London.
Click here to see the the sales information on Christie´s website

Solo show in Sao Paulo April 7th to May 3rd
Dag Alveng has successfully completed a larger solo show at Caixa de Economia Galeria da Paulista in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dag Alveng interviewed by Tønsberg Blad April 2009
Alveng was intervjued by the newspaper Tønsberg Blad regarding his solo exhibition in Sao Paulo. Click here to see pdf

Sao Paulo exhibition press clip April 2009
Press clip from Alveng's solo show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Click here for PDF 
More to come 

CD cover on ECM
Dag Alveng has the cover photo on a new CD recorded by ECM Records.

Dag Alveng Performance
In conjunction with his latest project Motorfoto there will be a performance by Dag Alveng at Rudskogen, Saturday April 18 at 1630. Click here for map

Photoicon Article March 2009
Photo journal Photoicon features Dag Alveng in an article on contemporary Nordic photography (Made in Scandinavia, issue #9). Click here for PDF excerpt

VG Article February 2009
Norwegian newspaper VG recently wrote an article on Dag Alveng's 1979 show Walls*, highlighting its controversy and its relation to conceptual art. Click here for pdf. *Original title in Norwegian: Vegger

Photoprojection in Italy 6th March - 26th April 2009
The opening of 'Still & Blurred'/Space Body Time - Cold Horizons at the Museum Raccolte Frugone of Nervi in Genoa includes the artists Dag Alveng, Herdis Maria Siegert, Soffia Gisladottir, Gerry Johansson, Maria Kjartansdottir, Susanna Majuri and Jeanette Land Schou.

Motorfoto at Drammen Museum 2012
Alveng's upcomig project "Motorfoto" includes video, images and sculptures and will be shown at Drammen Museum in Norway in 2012. The museum will be the first to show Dag Alveng's project about the motorsport community where Alveng himself has been building his own racing car and attended races in Norway and abroad since 1999.

The princess' baptism January 2009
Dag Alveng's image "The Meaning of Life" was given by The Prime Minister's Office to Emma Tallulah Behn in connection with her baptism at the chapel in the Royal Palace in January. She is the third daughter of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway also recieved an Alveng image "View from Balcony" given by the Norwegian Storting when they got married in 2001. 

Hydro's New Year Concert January 2009
Alveng's images from New York were displayed in large scale on stage
at Hydro's New Year concert in Oslo.

Solo show in Brazil March 26 - May 3, 2009
Dag Alveng will be having a larger solo show in Sao Paulo, in cooperation with the Norwegian Consulate in Brazil. The exhibition at Caixa de Economia Galeria da Paulista will be showing more than one hundred photographs from his work throughout his career.

Bank of America Calendar 2009
The Bank of America's calendar for 2009 is including Dag Alveng's image "Electric Fence" together with photographs from Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Bruce Barnbaum, Imogen Cunningham, DoDo Jin Ming, Mark Klett, Koichiro Kurita, Toshio Shibata, Paul Caponigro, Barbara Crane and Harry Callahan. 

Group show in Oslo 19 Nov 2008 - Feb 2009
Dag Alveng is participating in a group exhibition at Formuesforvaltning in Oslo showing work from his series "Summer Light". Other artists include Gardar Einarsson, Eline Mugaas, Per Maning, Tom Sandberg, Vibeke Tandberg, Fin Serck-Hanssen, Mikkel McAlinden, Jamie Parslow, Per Barclay and Knut Åsdam.
(Henrik Ibsens gate 53)

Review in The New Yorker 27 Oct 2008
"In his first New York solo exhibition since 1993, Alveng shows exceptionally handsome prints from a series he started in 1979 called "Summer Light", The New Yorker writes about his exhibition at Deborah Bell Photography. Click here to read review

Yale University Art Gallery Oct 7- Jan 4, 2009
Alveng takes part in the major group show "First Doubt: Optical Confusion in Modern Photography " at Yale University Art Gallery. The exhibition features approximately 100 photographs, taken by a diverse array of 20th-century photographers including Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Davil Salle, Harry Callahan, Ray Metzker, Dieter Appelt and Gordon Matta-Clark.

Solo show at Deborah Bell Sept 13 - Oct 25, 2008
Dag has an upcoming solo show at his New York gallery Deborah Bell. Opening Saturday September 13, 2008, 4-6pm.

New Works at Hole Design Aug 27 - Dec 31, 2008
In coorporation with Spitting Image and Hole Design is Alveng now showing large scale photographs from New York using a brand new technique on aluminium. 
Hole Design, Drammensveien 130, bygg B2, Skøyen, Oslo.

Pieces of Energy, Book Release Aug 15, 2008
The 320 page book 'Pieces of energy' from the StatoilHydro art collection was released 15 August in Oslo, featuring Alveng's picture 'Ground Zero Scaffolding' (2002). 

Group show at Haugar June 21 - Aug 24, 2008
Alveng's image 'Man with a cigarette smoke' is shown as part of the exhibition
'Urban Life' at Haugar Art Museum in Tønsberg.

Dag Alveng at Arken May 30 - Sept 14, 2008
A selection of the Summer Light series is shown at Arken Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibition Nordic Moods – Landscape Photography of Our Time
Participating artists include: Per Bak Jensen (DK), Lars Tunbjörk (SE), Olafur Eliasson (IS), Elina Brotheurs (FI), Torbjørn Rødland (NO) and A K Dolven (NO). 

Karl Alveng Munthe-Kaas & Her Majesty The Queen 2007
Dag Alveng's son, Karl, who is the president of the Scandinavian Society at Goodenough College, is welcoming Queen Elisabeth with a photograph by Dag Alveng, "Grandfather & Karl". Click on image for full size.

Dag Alveng Art Project
Upcoming project (sneak preview 3) 

Dag Alveng Art Project
Upcoming project (sneak preview 2)

Dag Alveng Art Project
Upcoming project (sneak preview 1)

Lecturing at Columbia University
Dag Alveng was recently invited as a guest lecturer for Thomas Roma's class at CU

Martin Parr on Dag Alveng
Dag Alvengs' book 'Asylum' was the only book by a Norwegian photographer to make it for Martin Parr's The Photobook: A History - Volume 2. Read more about the book here

Dag Alveng Shoots Two Sverre Fehn Projects
Gyldendal Publishing House and Museum of Architecture, Oslo . The pictures were published in the recent book 'Gyldendalshuset'.

Group Show at Stenersenmuseet
A selection from the Asylum series was shown as part of the exhibition titled 'Modern Norwegian Art Photography' to represent Dag Alveng. 

I Love This Time Of Year
Dag Alveng exhibited his I Love This Time of Year series at Blomqvist Kunsthandel. Click here for intallation shots. 

Dagens Næringsliv "Tidenes Avisannonse"
De siste 100 årenes 101 beste avisannonser er nå utgitt i bokform av Mediebedriftenes Landsforening. Annonsene er rangert av en jury prisvinnende relamefolk, ledet av Erik Heisholt fra Shnel & Melnuchuck og Stein Erik Selfors ved Bedriftøkonomisk institutt på BI. På andreplass kom Dagbladets annonse for tabloidovergangen i 1983, med Einar Gerhardsen som ønsket lykke til. Reklamen var signert Haugen & Maning. Fotografert av Dag Alveng.

HYDRO 100ÅR Capturing Hydro-prosjektet
Hydro har det siste året engasjert flere internasjonalt anerkjente fotografer og filmkunstnere. Kunstnernes mål har vært å fange inn Hydros identitet gjennom fotografier og film, samt uttrykke hvordan de ansatte i Hydro gjennom sitt daglige arbeid skaper et mer livskraftige samfunn. Bildene ble utstilt i frognerparken under selskapets 100års jubileum.

Yale University Art Gallery
YALE GALLERY kjøpte nylig inn «This is MOST important» boken til Dag Alveng. Den spesiallagde boken i 68cm x 43cm gir en bilde flate på solide 64cm x 80cm. Dette er den første Alveng-boken som er digitalt printet. Den ble produsert på en Epson 9600 printer med Sundance Septone™ seven-color black ink.